About *FINDING NEW LIFE* Newsletter

A fantastic experience that almost cost me my precious life.

I hit rock bottom, dusted myself off, and got up to a full recovery. Regain control of my life and habits, and most importantly, got sober and overcame homelessness.

I want to be a beacon of inspiration that guides toward liberation from homelessness and addictions.

To be a source of information on the growing homelessness issue and to motivate and inspire those experiencing homelessness.

My Motivation

There are a few situations where we find ourselves lost, and suddenly we feel as if we can distinguish a dim light in the distance of our tunnel.

This is how I found myself one night wandering the streets, homeless, sick from alcohol, with no hope of finding a way out of my terrible situation.

I began to feel desperation, one for the desire to consume more alcohol and another for seeing myself so disastrously deteriorated by the pace of life I was leading. I felt trapped in a vicious circle where the need to satisfy my addiction to alcohol had led me to lose the embarrassment of collecting empty cans and bottles from dumpsters.

At 9 in the morning, I was already waiting at the recycling to receive my payment for my empty cans. As soon as I got money, I would run out to find the nearest liquor store and splurge on everything I had to buy the cheapest bottle that would get me drunk quickly.

And all to end up on a park bench, drunk and alone, dreaming of adventures from a badly lived past. Everything that starts badly ends the same, as bad as it began to be.

Waking up at sunset, it was time to decide whether to find shelter or sleep outdoors. The outside was better. No laws or restrictions. Just me and my bottle of liquor, sleeping on the edge of the train tracks where no one could see or find me.

I would wake up again in the middle of the night with the same bad feeling of needing alcohol in my system. It was a horrible dilemma, getting up again to pick up empty cans only to repeat the same routine.

I cried and thought about my mother, my children, and a marriage that I destroyed because of my addictions. I threw my whole life into the abyss of self-destruction. There was no one else to blame but myself.

At that very moment, in the middle of the night, next to my shopping carriage full of empties, I felt an illumination. I realized what I truly wanted; to be free from homelessness and addictions.

What can you find in my Newsletter?

Lessons learned along the way from real-life stories of real people struggling with addiction and homelessness.

And what can you get from this?

Learn from the mistakes and failures of others and use them for your benefit.

I am trying to make my recovery case not an isolated event but instead sharing the steps that led me to deliverance from homelessness and alcoholism so that others can find freedom.

If you know someone going through emotional problems who lacks control over addictive substances, that person may be on the brink of losing their home and falling into the abyss of homelessness and addiction.

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I couldn't put all my work behind a paywall as my goal is to reach homeless people.

You can support this Newsletter by getting a monthly subscription or simply donating to the humanitarian cause.

It will give me the financial security to pursue my passion, and I’ll give you my most sincere gratitude and inspirational writing.

I know from experience that reading is very vague in the hostile conditions of homelessness. Only through programs that promoted my motivational posts would I be able to reach them.

However, it is through the people dedicated to the cause, like you and me, that solutions can be achieved. Learning and understanding the mind of a homeless person through my articles can bring deep insight into the issue because who else than someone who overcame that situation could talk about the reality of it?

And what do I call a humanitarian cause?

I am supporting the cause and my contribution to helping others find freedom through my testimony and writing.

My passion erupted from my most tragic failure, and I desire to dedicate myself to finding solutions, strategies, and systems that ultimately can create programs to help and motivate homeless people to overcome and reintegrate back into society in a productive way. Stronger and more disciplined.

It’s a bold claim.

However, it is something that I have committed myself to since the day I began to take my first steps into sobriety and out of homelessness. To go back and extend my hand to those still lost, confused, and feeling hopeless.

As the logo of my Website, "FINDING NEW LIFE," says:


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My commitment to this Newsletter

Publish a bi-weekly article filled with testimonials, interviews with real-life homeless people, and relevant news on the latest happenings in the homeless community.

And even more significantly, my autobiography of true stories of what I experienced and what it feels like to live in the harsh environment of homelessness and addiction.

I will tell you the heartbreaking stories that have brought me to tears.

And this is the actual proof of my recovery.

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A Newsletter that covers the current homelessness crisis and issues related to habits and addictions.


I'm a new writer who has risen from rock bottom (homelessness), learning to be grateful for the new opportunity in life.